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Found something Robert (No Vikings) said...

"instead ov just letting my words speak for themselves you have to try and weaken them like a coward like a human would with no pride strength or honour... you have NO WORDS ov your own so you use others to get your weakling cowardice job done... my words HOLD NO EVIL in them... no lies.. no hate... no weakness... just trying SOMEHOW... someway to go the extra mile and do the right thing... i should just let it be... but one could argue i already have enough and already let enough slip away to many goddamn times before... so that's why it's hard to be a christ and do the right goddamn thing... i already said I NEED TO WORK HARDER... PUSH FURTHER... GO FURTHER FOR GOD... nothing more... nothing less... and i have NO RIGHT to speak... but when people spit on my lord and myself and i am not even raising a finger to slice or strike back while i should just let it be... one could as i just said above say that i've already let that enough for a good 5 or 6 fuvking years holding back to be... not speak... fuvk ovv...goddamn i hate this fucking place... i'm out ov here... cling to the lowest common denominator... spit on all i've said... but if you actually READ any ov it... one fuvking piece ov it... all it is is speaking about STRENGTH... real LOVE... that's not material or bought... SOUL... and HONOUR... but ov course... no one could let that sit could they... have a magical day... not speak... once again...

i wish you well with whatever it is you do stickypal....."

He's strangely right.

Warped Tour tomorrow. Hoping Jupiter Sunrise plays a song or something at the MySpace tent. Daddy X has a new album coming out October 25th. My legs hurt. Need a shower. For the past week, I've been trying to download House Of Sand And Fog. Downloaded other movies. Bio-Dome and Pootie Tang. I got the scenes to stop skipping. Just have nothing else running. Family Guy movie was alright. Second time I watched it was better. And I'm not sick anymore.

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